Our Services

1.Company setup and initial tax application

We provide services to setup your company or subsidiary with a judicial (or administrative) scrivener. In addition to legal support of your company (Kabushiki-kaisya or Godo-kaisya) or branch setup, we also provide advice on important tax issues for Japanese subsidiaries according to the status of the company, such as the choice of taxable/non-taxable enterprise of consumption tax, directors’ fees, thin capitalization rules etc.

2.Accounting outsourcing service

We provide bookkeeping services or can review books you’ve already prepared. We customarily use Japanese accounting software to prepare books for Japanese tax purposes. However, we can access the software currently in use by your firm and input necessary information, if requested. We also provide reviewing services. We can prepare adjusted financial statements for Japanese tax purposes from current books prepared according to the accounting policies of your firm.

3.Corporate Tax Compliance service

We prepare and file corporate tax returns and consumption tax returns based on your books or the books we keep for you. We also prepare and file depreciable asset tax returns and information returns if necessary.
In Japan, the Tax Authority conducts tax investigations regularly. We offer support during tax investigation and will communicate on your behalf with the Tax Authority.

4.Payment service

Japanese banks have developed their own system for bank transfer which requires Japanese language input and doesn’t usually accept input from abroad. If you do not have Japanese-speaking administrative staff, dealing with the bank system here can be difficult. We can conduct bank transfers via internet banking system or bank tellers on your behalf based on your payment instructions.

5.Payroll outsourcing service

We calculate salaries and social insurance premiums of your Japanese subsidiary which vary depending on the status of employees. We calculate the deduction items relevant to salary and execute payments of tax and social insurance.

6.Local Payroll service for expatriates

From Japanese individual tax perspective, more review on individual income will be necessary for expatriate staff than the local staff due to the economic benefits specially granted to expatriates. We also provide gross-up calculation and prepare individual income tax returns.

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